Wind Storm Knocks Out Power in West Seattle

Seattle: Most of Western Washington is currently engaged in the arduous task of cleaning up the destruction that Tuesday’s wet and windy storm caused. West Seattle was among the many areas that lost power due to fallen trees and power lines throughout the day and night.

Crews from Seattle City Light reported that a large tree had been blown into electrical lines along 35th Ave SW due to the strong winds. After the lights went out, some people tried to improvise, like Howard Lightle and his wife, who eventually moved into the RV in their driveway.

The two of them went outside, lit the stove, and are currently preparing a meal, as Lightle explained. The strong winds also ratcheted up the surf in West Seattle. The Alki Beach Park Bathhouse was flooded earlier in the day due to unusually high tides.

However, the winds, expected to reach 40 miles per hour in West Seattle, were the most dangerous. Several residents have expressed relief that the city’s efforts to mitigate the situation have not been more severe.

Chris Way, whose home had lost power, remarked, “The last couple of years, they’ve done a nice job cleaning out all the branches.”

Since another exceptionally high tide is expected on Wednesday, there is a risk of further flooding along the coast.

People are urged to contact emergency services immediately if a tree has fallen and threatens their safety.
If strong winds are expected, ensure your phone and other electronics are fully charged.
If you use a medical device that requires electricity, like an insulin pump, make sure you have a backup plan.

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