NYC’s Homeless Shelter Population Climbs by 53%

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City issued a troubling report in his recent preliminary management review.

The data showed a shocking 53% increase in the homeless people using public shelters over the previous year.

This enormous increase is primarily due to the surge of migrants, notably those seeking refuge.

The data is alarming: an average daily count of 83,985 people in city-run shelters over the first four months of Fiscal 2024, compared to 54,738 in the same time of Fiscal 2023.

NYC homeless shelter population surges 53% during migrant crisis:

A Big Rise in Homeless Numbers

The report gives information on demographic changes in the homeless community.

Notably, there has been a 147% increase in shelter admissions for families with children and an 185% increase for adult families, owing primarily to the new surge of asylum seekers. However, the situation is not entirely terrible.

The report also indicates a 13% decrease in single adults seeking refuge compared to the previous year, as well as a general decrease in the length of stay across the shelter system.

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City’s Response to the Homelessness Crisis

New York City has taken a number of steps to address this rising situation. These include limiting the length of shelter stays and establishing a large number of emergency shelter sites to meet rising demand.

Additionally, the city’s public hospital system claims a 16% increase in enrollments for NYC Care, the city-run medical insurance program.

This increase in healthcare need is attributable in part to a greater proportion of pregnant asylum seekers who require prenatal treatment, demonstrating the diversified demands of this growing homeless community.

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