Sandyston, NJ School Bus Hit-and-Run Crash Under Investigation

State police are looking into a hit-and-run incident involving a school bus and a pickup truck on Route 206, just south of the main entrance to Stokes Forest.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the Friday morning incident, even though there were children on the school bus at the time.

According to NJ State Police, the unidentified pickup truck collided with the school bus and left the scene. Unfortunately, there’s no additional information available at this time.

Nobody was injured and damage was apparently limited to a broken mirror in a hit-and-run involving a school bus and pickup truck in Sussex County:

The incident occurred when the school bus had stopped because the car in front of it suddenly stopped.

That’s when the black pickup truck, traveling on the wet road, swerved and struck the bus’s mirror hard enough to break it off.

The accident took place in an area where the southbound lane narrows from two lanes to one as it goes up a hill.

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If you have any information about the crash or witnessed the incident, you can contact the state police through the Sussex Road Patrol station at 973-383-1514.

Your help is greatly appreciated in this investigation.

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