Nottinghamshire County Council Proposes Council Tax Increase in Upcoming Budget

Nottinghamshire County Council is taking steps to address its financial challenges by proposing an increase in council tax for residents.

This move aims to ensure the council can continue to provide essential services and cover its expenses effectively.

Proposed Council Tax Rise

The budget papers recommend a 4.84% rise in the council’s portion of the tax bill, starting from April.

While this may sound significant, it translates to an average increase of £1.36 per week for households across the county.

Nottinghamshire County Council plans council tax increase:

Factors Behind the Decision

Several factors have contributed to the council’s financial difficulties. Global conflicts, inflation, and the strain on local government finances have all played a role in the council’s budgetary challenges.

Additionally, the approach of a general election also affected the council’s spending during what has been described as a turbulent year.

Balancing the Budget: A Multi-Pronged Approach

To balance its budget effectively, the council is proposing a 2.84% council tax increase along with a 2% rise in a charge known as the Adult Social Care precept.

These adjustments will come into effect in the next financial year and will help ensure the financial stability of the council.

Impact on Different Households

It’s important to note that not all households will be equally affected. Approximately 59% of properties in Nottinghamshire fall under lower tax bands A and B, and their council tax increase will be less than £1.15 per week.

This approach reflects the council’s effort to avoid imposing the maximum allowable increase of 4.99% and lessen the financial burden on residents.

Nottinghamshire County Council Proposes Council Tax Increase in Upcoming Budget
Nottinghamshire County Council Proposes Council Tax Increase in Upcoming Budget

Cost-Cutting Measures and Savings

In addition to the tax increase, the council is actively working on cost-cutting measures to save £16.3 million.

These measures include general cost savings, a review of waste management contracts, increased utilization of technology in care services, collaboration with the NHS to review high-cost placements, and exploring “invest to save” options.

Rising Costs and Spending Increases

Despite these cost-cutting efforts, the council’s budget proposal for 2024/5 signifies an overall spending increase of over £47 million compared to the previous year.

Rising costs, particularly in providing social care and adjusting for wage increases, have significantly impacted the cost of delivering essential services.

Future Challenges and Consultations

The council recognizes that future efficiency measures will require further consultation and planning to address ongoing financial challenges.

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Government Support

Nottinghamshire County Council is set to receive approximately £7 million from the government, following an announcement of an extra £500 million for upper-tier authorities.

This funding will be allocated to support social care in the upcoming financial year.

The council’s budget proposals are scheduled for review by the full council later this month, aiming to strike a balance between the need to maintain essential services and the financial burden on residents.

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