NYC Subway Experiments with 15-Second Delay in Emergency Exit Gates to Tackle Fare Evasion

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is launching a pilot project to reduce fare evasion and improve subway travel security, which will feature a 15-second delay for emergency exit gates at select subway stations.

Safety Concerns Amid Delay in Implementation

While the MTA has obtained permission to conduct this trial, numerous critics are concerned about the safety implications of a 15-second delay during actual emergencies.

Subway emergency exit gates at some stations to test 15-second delay to help deter fare evasion:

Testing Starts at Three Key Stations

Next month, the MTA will begin the timed delay trial at three subway stations chosen for their acceptable turnstile availability in emergency situations.

These stations include the 59th Street-Lexington Avenue Station in Manhattan, the Flushing Avenue Station in Brooklyn, and the 138th Street Station in the Bronx.

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MTA’s Temporary Fare Evasion Solutions Under Review

These experimental efforts are temporary solutions to the difficult issue of fare evasion.

Transit officials will assess their effectiveness and public reaction, recognizing that not all recommendations will result in permanent solutions.

The MTA anticipates that fare evasion will cost them around $285 million in 2022, highlighting the need of these efforts.

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