After Subway Crime Lowers 13% in 28 Days, NYC Authorities Cautiously Hopeful

It surprises some. Despite frequent train crimes, subterranean crime has decreased.
After Gov. Kathy Hochul spent millions to boost subway police during the governor’s election, crime underground dropped for 28 days, ending Sunday. It’s too early to tell whether it’s a blip or a pattern.

The MTA and Mayor Eric Adams are pleased. “We’re on track now. We’re progressing. Crime’s falling Adams”.

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It’s unclear whether “moving southbound on crime” means the city is finally making the subways safer, but there is hope.

Transit crime dropped 13.1 percent over those 28 days, from 213 in 2021 to 185 this year when ridership was reduced due to the epidemic.

Major Crimes are Decreasing

“That’s a big reversal of the trend, and although it’s too early to rejoice, that’s substantial progress,” said MTA Chairman Janno Lieber.

Subway crime is up 33.5 percent this year, from 1,570 in 2021 to 2,096. It’s up 28.8% in two years but down 6.2 percent in five.

Adams stated, “Our subway blue surge is working.” When Republican Lee Zeldin criticised her on subway violence, the mayor alluded to Gov. Andrew Hochul’s decision to pay for 1,200 extra police shifts and 10,000 overtime hours during a heated gubernatorial campaign.

The issue is how long the financially troubled state will pay. State authorities did not respond to CBS2’s concerns concerning spending and the surge’s duration.

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Riders are curious. When questioned about subterranean safety, they said “Yes, but not at night,” one responded. “The subway’s safe.” “Because I’m tall, maybe,” another said.

“I’m not safe,” another stated. “Unsafe. The train was drugged yesterday. A guy misbehaved around youngsters.

The mayor intimated that he will put fresh police academy graduates on the transit patrol squad. A spokeswoman for City Hall refused to comment.

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