Who Is Yeonmi Park Husband And Why Did They Parted Ways?

Yeonmi Park is a remarkable North Korean defector and prominent YouTuber, whose compelling story has garnered international attention. With interviews by prestigious outlets like the Guardian and the Washington Post, as well as speaking engagements at TEDx events, Yeonmi’s influence extends far beyond her YouTube channel.

As of December 2023, her online community boasted over one million members, drawn to her powerful message of freedom and resilience. Amidst the curiosity surrounding her personal life, questions arise about her husband. Let’s uncover the truth in this article.

Who is Yeonmi Park’s Husband?

Ezekiel and Yeonmi Park were married on January 4, 2017. It looks like they had a good time dating for the first few years. These two people marked their third wedding anniversary on January 4, 2020. To mark the event, Yeonmi posted a touching message on Facebook.

She wrote in her post, “We have already been married for three years! The passage of time is much too expeditious. I have a dream that one day I will be able to bring my American husband back to my hometown, where I will give him the opportunity to meet my friends and family (if they are still alive) and spend the Christmas season with everyone else.”

But after being married for four years, they decide to end their relationship and go their separate ways. She still has a lot of pictures of them on her Instagram account.

Who is Yeonmi Park’s Husband?
Who is Yeonmi Park’s Husband?

Why Did Ezekiel And Yeonmi Park Parted Ways?

The American feminist hasn’t said much about her relationship with Ezekiel so far. At the same time, the Korean activist confirmed the news of the divorce during one of her YouTube videos on January 30, 2021.

She put up a live stream video on YouTube with the title “Let’s Talk about the Lies – North Korean Defector.” When she was asked about her marriage status during the video, she said that she was no longer married.

Does Yeonmi Have Kids?

Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel had a child together named James. Yeonmi wrote on Instagram on October 8, 2018, that she had given birth to a baby. The post has been taken down since then, but it was still on Yeonmi’s official Twitter account.

She wrote, “Life is a miracle. I had no idea I’d endure starving and become the mother of this gorgeous angel. Let us not give up hope, no matter what.”

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