Who Is Dave Navarro Dating? A Look At His Past Marriages!

Get ready to rock as we dive into the world of Dave Navarro, the talented American guitarist known for his iconic contributions to the Jane’s Addiction rock band. Beyond his musical prowess, Navarro has also become a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, shedding light on its importance and the risks of neglecting it.

With his star continuing to ascend, it’s no wonder fans are buzzing with curiosity, wondering: Who is Dave Navarro dating? Let’s unravel the mystery together!

Who Is Dave Navarro Dating?

Dave Navarro is currently engaged to Vanessa DuBasso. Fans of the entertainment industry noticed her in the TV shows Modern Family: After We Collided and Legion.

Who Is Dave Navarro Dating
Who Is Dave Navarro Dating

She was dating the popular singer and actor Samuel Larsen before she started dating Navarro. As of June 7, 2022, Vanessa showed off her engagement ring in a short video on her Instagram page.

Sharing her happiness, she added a short comment to the video to celebrate Dave’s birthday: “Happy Birthday fiancé there’s no brighter starry soul in the entire cosmos ⭐️ I love you deeply, purely & wildly with every cell in my body thank the heavens you exist @davenavarro you’ve made me the HAPPIEST.”

Who Was Dave Married To In The Past?

Dave Navarro has been married thrice in his life. The following is the list of the women he has been with:

Tania Goddard

The first woman Dave Navarro married was Tania Goddard. She is a well-known makeup artist who did a lot of work on the scary movie Wishcraft. She also worked with him as a makeup artist on True Vinyl’s musical love story.

They became husband and wife in June 1990, and their wedding took place at The Alexandria Ballrooms in California. But in 1992, after being married for two years, they filed for divorce. After it was over in 1993, they went their different ways.

Rhian Gittins

A year after his split, Dave met Rhian Gittins and they became friends. Tania is now happily married to Paul Saylor. Rhian was born in Edmonton, Canada, in July 1969. She is said to have gone to Ross Shep Composite High School.

They got married on October 15, 1994, and everything seemed to go smoothly and privately. Their love was like a fairy tale, but it didn’t last long, and they ended up legally splitting up. At the end of the split on October 20, 1994, it was one of the shortest weddings ever.

Carmen Electra

After breaking up with Rhian, Dave began dating Carmen Electra, who became a big star on Baywatch. Carmen is an American actress, model, singer, and media personality. She started her singing career after moving to Minneapolis. After she met Prince, her self-titled first studio record was made and put out in 1993. She tried being a model, and by 1996, she was in Playboy magazine.

On a blind date in 2000, Electra and Navarro met. They got engaged in less than a year. Still, when they told everyone they were getting married, MTV asked them to be on a reality show called Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave. Even so, they were married for two and a half years until it ended in 2006.

Electra filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court that said the couple could no longer get along. In an interesting twist, even though they don’t have any children, Electra asked the court not to award either of them any spousal support.

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