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Chelsea Handler Dating Jo Koy? Is He Single?

Chelsea Handler is dating Koy. After a year, Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler split in July 2022.

They broke up in 2022. The announcement shocked and outraged their fans, who had only seen the couple’s happy, loving social media messages.

Chelsea thinks Jo shaped her. “Being loved and adored by Jo Koy has been one of the greatest joys of my life,” she said on Instagram after the split.

The pair stressed that their breakup represented a fresh beginning. She said Jo had a soul mate, but is the comedian ready to date again?

Jo Koy is Single

Jo Koy is available after splitting with Chelsea Handler. Since the split, the comic has thrived.

His Netflix special Jo Koy: Life from the Forum premiered in September 2022, and Easter Sunday premiered in July 2022. The press tour that followed both films gave Jo many chances to talk about his dating life.

He mentioned nothing about the split. He spoke highly of Chelsea and their relationship, and he is optimistic about finding another love like theirs. Jo said that despite their breakup, the stars still loved one another.

Chelsea Handler Shares the Real Story Behind Her Romance With Jo Koy - E!  Online

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He seems uninterested in dating again. He was seen canoodling with a brunette in late September.

They kissed at a Los Angeles coffee shop and then cuddled on a picnic blanket in the park. They’ve been apart for ages.

Jo Koy’s Marriage and Connection with Chelsea Handler

Despite being single, the stand-up comedian has always been open about his relationships. The 51-year-old was married to Angie King’s singer Nura Luca.

2003: birth of Joseph Herbert Jr.

2013: divorce. Jo and Angie are amicable divorcees. Jo declared Angie his “best buddy” on Windy City LIVE in 2020.

Jo Koy Says There's Still Love Between Him, Chelsea Handler Post-Split - E!  Online

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He said Jo and his ex-wife were co-parenting their child and living together when the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began.

Jo Dated Chelsea Handler Following His Divorce

She excels. That’s normal, particularly at first. “As we grew, we recognised that parenting our kid together is the finest thing for all of us,” he said on the Chicago program. “It’s changed his life,” she added.

Despite Jo’s frequent appearances on Chelsea Lately from 2007 to 2014, their professional connection didn’t become romantic until 2021.

Jo and Chelsea gushed about each other in interviews and on Instagram during their romance. After a year of dating, Chelsea and Jo parted ways in July 2022.


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