Riley Strain Cause Of Death Appears Accidental, According To Initial Reports!

In a recent development, preliminary autopsy findings have shed light on the tragic passing of Riley Strain, indicating that the cause of death was deemed ‘accidental,’ according to authorities.

This revelation has sparked widespread interest and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Strain’s demise. Join us as we delve into the details of this unfolding story to uncover the truth behind these initial findings and understand the full scope of this tragic event.

Riley Strain’s Cause Of Death

The death of Missouri college student Riley Strain seems to have been “accidental,” according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

There is no obvious foul play, but toxicology reports are still pending, according to MNPD spokesperson Kris Mumford.

There won’t be a final investigation until all the tests are done. After looking for the 22-year-old Strain for two weeks, his body was found early Friday morning about 8 miles from where he was last seen in downtown Nashville.

Police said that his body was found in the west Nashville branch of the Cumberland River. This is a big river that runs through downtown Nashville and then back up into Kentucky.

Riley Strain's Cause Of Death
Riley Strain’s Cause Of Death

Who Was Riley Strain?

Strain was last seen after being kicked out of Luke’s 32 Bridge Food and Drink on Lower Broadway in Nashville while on vacation with his fraternity mates.

He was a member of the Delta Chi fraternity and went to the University of Missouri. He was seen going around downtown, sometimes stumbling, on security video before he went missing.

He talked to a police officer in a friendly way near 1st Avenue North and Gay Street. On March 17, five days before his body was found, his bank card was found near the Cumberland River.

A lighting service for Strain was held on March 22, the same day that his body was found in the Cumberland River. It was attended by almost 50 people.

At a news gathering on Friday, Strain’s parents said they were thankful that the community had helped them find their son.

His mother, Michelle Whiteid said, “I just ask that you mommas out there hug your babies tight tonight, please. Please for me. Hug your babies tight tonight.”

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