Licking County Sets New Recycling Record: Over 5 Million Pounds Collected in 2023

Licking County residents have achieved a remarkable recycling milestone in 2023, with over 5 million pounds of recyclable materials collected.

This achievement showcases the community’s dedication to sustainability and responsible waste management.

Collaborative Efforts

The success of the recycling program in Licking County is the result of collaborative efforts between local government and Rumpke of Ohio, Inc. Rumpke is responsible for emptying the recycling bins and sorting the materials for processing.

Funding for the Licking County Recycling program is provided by the Coshocton Fairfield Licking Perry Solid Waste District and the Licking County Board of Commissioners.

Licking County, OH Collected Over 5 million Pounds in Recycling Bins in 2023:

Low Contamination Rate

Licking County Recycling Director, Andrea Krava, highlighted the community’s commitment to recycling correctly.

She noted that the county has maintained a low contamination rate of approximately 5% in recent years.

This means that residents are effectively sorting recyclables, contributing to the program’s success.

Expanded Recycling Options

In the fall of 2023, Licking County Recycling introduced an exciting expansion to the program.

Residents can now recycle various types of cups, including paper cups and sleeves, aluminum cups, and plastic cups with lids.

However, it’s important to note that straws, loose lids, and “party” cups are not accepted.

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Educating Residents

Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the accepted materials for recycling.

Proper separation of items ensures that they can be reused and transformed into new products.

It’s essential to follow recycling guidelines to maintain the program’s effectiveness.

Responsible Recycling

Dumping bulk items inside or outside of the recycling bins is illegal. To make the most of the available space in the recycling bins, residents are urged to break down and flatten cardboard boxes before placing them in the bins.

The remarkable achievement of collecting over 5 million pounds of recyclables in 2023 reflects the commitment of Licking County residents to environmental sustainability.

As the community continues its recycling efforts, it contributes to a cleaner and more eco-conscious future.

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