Elementary School Security Guard Arrested in NYC with Bombs and Disturbing Hit List

Angelo Hatziagelis, a security guard at an elementary school in Queens, New York City, was arrested while in possession of homemade bombs and a deeply disturbing hit list.

The targets on this list included police officers and judges, raising significant concerns about public safety.

Security Guard’s Employment at Elementary School

Angelo Hatziagelis was employed as a security guard at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Great Neck, Long Island.

He had been working there without incident since the beginning of the school year. However, his arrest by law enforcement and federal agents prompted swift action from school district officials.

Elementary School Security Guard Arrested in NYC with Bombs and Disturbing Hit List
Elementary School Security Guard Arrested in NYC with Bombs and Disturbing Hit List

Immediate Response from School District

Upon learning of Hatziagelis’ arrest, the school district took decisive action. Superintendent Kenneth Bossert conveyed in an email to parents that Hatziagelis would not be permitted to return to school premises for any reason.

It was clarified that Hatziagelis was employed by Arrow Security, a company contracted with the school district, and not directly by the Great Neck School District.

Charges and Chilling Hit List

Queens prosecutors announced a 130-count indictment against Angelo Hatziagelis and his brother Andrew.

The charges include the alleged manufacture of untraceable ghost guns, homemade bombs, and the dissemination of pro-anarchist propaganda.

The most unsettling aspect of the case was the discovery of a hit list that Hatziagelis and his brother maintained.

The list included targets such as “cops, judges, politicians, celebrities,” along with derogatory references to others.

NYC man caught with bombs, ‘human sacrifices’ hit list targeting cops was elementary school security guard:

Seizure of Explosive Devices and Weapons

Law enforcement executed a search warrant at the brothers’ home in Astoria, Queens, on January 17.

During the search, they confiscated a cache of “improvised” explosive devices, AR-15-style firearms, 9mm “ghost guns,” and more than 600 rounds of ammunition.

Legal Consequences

Both Angelo Hatziagelis and his brother Andrew are currently being held without bail and could potentially face up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the charges brought against them.

Security Guard Licensing and Background Checks

Superintendent Bossert clarified that Angelo Hatziagelis had met all the requirements set by the state of New York to hold an unarmed security guard license at the time of his arrest.

Additionally, the district had diligently conducted a full background check and drug testing before Hatziagelis was placed within the Great Neck Public Schools.

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Review of Hiring Protocols

In response to this incident, the school district is actively reviewing its hiring protocols in collaboration with Arrow Security.

The aim is to ensure that no crucial steps were overlooked during the hiring process. Superintendent Bossert also mentioned that future efficiency measures would require further consultation.

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