Nestlé Announces Layoffs Impacting Over 200 Workers at Solon Factory

Nestlé, a big company that makes food and drinks, said this week that it will lay off 216 employees at its Solon factory as part of its restructuring efforts.

They stated that the Solon factory remains essential and would focus on producing products for companies such as cafes and restaurants. They also stated that they may expand the factory’s workload in the future as circumstances change.

The company explained that the layoffs will allow them to continue producing high-quality products while keeping pricing reasonable for customers.

Nestlé announced that it’s laying off 216 workers at its Solon factory, saying it’s part of recent shifts the company is making:

The number of employment losses exceeds Nestlé’s previous estimates. Last year, they announced that around 77 individuals would be laid off between December 23, 2023 and August 2, 2024.

Nestlé is offering workers who are losing their jobs the opportunity to apply for other opportunities at their factories, including those in Ohio.

Read some latest headlines below:

Nestlé employs nearly 3,000 people in Ohio across nine different locations. They also plan to establish a new facility in Williamsburg, Ohio, in 2024.

This new $550 million factory will produce pet food because there is a high demand for it. The corporation claims that this new factory will create 300 employment.

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