Ohio Mother Accuses Police of Injuring her 17-month-old Son

A distressed Ohio mother is calling for an investigation, claiming that a mistaken police raid, captured on a doorbell camera, resulted in injuries to her 17-month-old son.

The incident unfolded last Wednesday when a significant number of police officers targeted her aunt’s home in a Cleveland suburb.

Flash-Bang Chaos: Mom Describes Harrowing Scene

Courtney Price, the mother, detailed the terrifying event, claiming that a flash-bang explosion during the police operation destroyed a window near her toddler, who was on a ventilator at the time.

Price is demanding answers following the stressful incident, which was captured on camera.

Police raid gone wrong sends 17-month-old boy to hospital, Ohio family says:

Police Dispute Mom’s Version

While Price believes that the cops made an unacceptable mistake, the law enforcement officials involved say that the search was appropriate.

The Elyria Police Special Response Team, which was executing a search warrant for a youngster suspected of burglary, argues that its actions were justified, contradicting Price’s claim.

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Family Distress and Legal Action

The family is distressed as a result of the occurrence and is considering legal action against the police agency.

Price’s aunt, Redia Jennings, who leases the house, expressed concern about the family’s grief about the continuous police visits and property damage.

Ohio Mother Accuses Police of Injuring her 17-month-old Son
Ohio Mother Accuses Police of Injuring her 17-month-old Son

City’s Response and Investigation: Mayor Expresses Concern

The mayor of the city has expressed significant concern about how things are getting worse. The mayor is analyzing body camera footage as part of an investigation into the police department’s behavior.

As the community waits for the conclusion, concerns about police conduct and people’ safety loom large.

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