Ohio Ranks Among Top 10 Unhealthy States in Recent Study

A recent study conducted by Forbes Advisor has shed light on the health of residents across all 50 states, using 21 different metrics.

These metrics encompassed disease risk factors, prevalence, substance abuse, and lifestyle habits, providing a comprehensive view of each state’s overall health.

Ohio Secures the 9th Spot

Ohio finds itself in the spotlight, securing the 9th position among the top 10 unhealthiest states in America.

The study indicates that approximately 196 Ohioans per 100,000 residents succumb to heart disease, and a concerning 10.9% of adults in the state are living with diabetes.

A recent study ranked Ohio in the top 10 states with the most unhealthy populations in the country. Here’s how the state compares in disease risk factors like high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, and lifestyle habits like smoking and exercise:

West Virginia Claims Title of Unhealthiest State

The study crowned West Virginia as the unhealthiest state in the country, citing high percentages of smoking and obesity.

Additionally, West Virginia reported the highest rates of diabetes and drug overdose deaths, underlining the severity of health challenges in the state.

Southern States Dominate Unhealthiest List

A noteworthy trend emerges as eight out of the top 10 unhealthiest states are located in the South, with Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, and Oklahoma featuring prominently.

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Health Disparities and Future Projections

The study also highlights concerning future projections. Between 2025 and 2060, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology anticipates a significant increase in chronic diseases, including a 39.3% rise in diabetes, a 27.2% increase in high blood pressure, and an 18.3% surge in obesity among Americans.

In contrast, the study identified Hawaii, Utah, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Massachusetts as the top five healthiest states, with five of the top 10 healthiest states situated on the East Coast. The findings underscore the regional disparities in health across the United States.

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