Top 5 US Capital Cities Covered in Snow

As winter blankets the nation, certain U.S. capital cities emerge as snowy havens, showcasing the beauty of nature’s frosty touch.

The top 5 US capital cities that receive the most snowfall and turn into magical winter wonderlands await us in this article.

5. Albany, New York — 60 Inches

Albany, New York
Albany, New York

Albany, the capital of New York State, secures the fifth spot with an average snowfall of 60 inches each year.

From November to March, Albany transforms into a snow-covered landscape, experiencing approximately 34.5 snowy days annually.

The month of January claims the snowfall crown, receiving a picturesque layer of over 15 inches. Albany, known for its historic charm, stands as the oldest city in the state.

4. Concord, New Hampshire — 61 Inches

Concord, New Hampshire
Concord, New Hampshire

Moving on to New Hampshire’s capital, Concord, we find it claiming the fourth position with an annual snowfall average of 61 inches.

Despite not being the most populous city in the state, Concord, with its population of around 44,500, paints a snowy panorama from November to March.

Nestled in the Merrimack River watershed, it adds a touch of winter magic to New Hampshire’s landscape.

3. Augusta, Maine — 71.3 Inches

Augusta, Maine
Augusta, Maine

Augusta, Maine, takes the third spot, proudly wearing an average snowfall of 71.3 inches yearly.

As the cold grips Maine in January and February, Augusta experiences record lows of -22 and -30°F.

With 33.6 snowy days on average, January emerges as the snowiest month, adorned with a picturesque average of 19 inches.

The city’s skyline along the river transforms into a snowy spectacle.

2. Juneau, Alaska — 93.2 Inches

Juneau, Alaska
Juneau, Alaska

Venturing to the picturesque landscapes of Alaska, we discover Juneau claiming the second spot with an impressive 93.2 inches of snow annually.

As the largest U.S. state capital by area, Juneau experiences an average of 43 days of snowfall each year. Its proximity to Mount Juneau in the Alaskan Panhandle adds to its wintry charm, with temperatures plunging to -22°F.

1. Montpelier, Vermont — 94.2 Inches

Montpelier, Vermont
Montpelier, Vermont

Taking the lead as the snowiest U.S. capital is Montpelier, Vermont, with an average annual snowfall of 94.2 inches.

This small city, nestled in the north-central region of Vermont, boasts a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters.

With 54 snowy days on average and a record low temperature of -34°F, Montpelier stands as a picturesque winter wonderland, despite being one of the smallest state capitals in the entire United States.

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These top 5 U.S. capital cities not only endure winter’s chill but embrace the transformative beauty of heavy snowfall.

From the historic charm of Albany to the majestic winter landscapes of Juneau and Montpelier, each city paints a unique portrait of winter’s icy embrace.

As snowflakes descend, these capitals stand as testaments to the diverse and captivating winter wonders found across the United States.

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