California’s Top Three Counties with Shortest Lifespans

New study shows which places in California have people living shorter lives. It looked at three counties facing big challenges in how long people live.

In the past, Americans were living longer, thanks to better healthcare and healthier habits. But lately, things have changed.

Life expectancy in the U.S. has started dropping because of issues like the opioid crisis, COVID-19, and accidents.

A new report from the University of Wisconsin looked into which counties in California have the shortest life expectancy.

Life expectancy means how long, on average, people are expected to live from when they’re born. This report found three counties in California where people tend to have shorter lives.

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Shasta County: Third on the List

Shasta County ranks third in California for lowest life expectancy. On average, people there live about 75.8 years, which is 5.2 years younger than most Californians.

When it comes to overall health in the state, Shasta County ranks #46. For life span and quality, it ranks #52 and #29 respectively.

Lake County: Second in Line

Lake County ranks second with an average life expectancy of 74.8 years. This is 6.2 years less than the California average.

In terms of overall health in the state, Lake County ranks #56. Specifically, it ranked #57 for life span and #50 for quality of life.

Trinity County: Topping the List

Trinity County ranks top for lowest life expectancy in California. People there live an average of about 74.6 years, which is 6.4 years younger than most Californians.

In terms of overall health in the state, Trinity County ranks last at #58. For length of life, it also ranks last at #58, but it does slightly better for quality of life, where it ranks #32.

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