Osceola County Deputies Won’t Face Charges In Target Shooting!

Multiple individuals involved with the inquiry have stated that two Osceola County deputies will not face charges in relation to a fatal shooting that occurred outside of a Target store near Kissimmee.

At a press conference on Tuesday, State Attorney Andrew Bain said that a grand jury had found the officers who had fired at the automobile outside the business not guilty of any crimes.

Scott Koffinas and Ramy Yacoub, deputies in Osceola County, will not face any charges in relation to Jayden Baez’s death or the injuries sustained by Baez’s passengers.

In April 2022, Michael Gomez and Joseph Lowe were accused of stealing pizza and Pokémon cards from the store, which led to the shooting. When deputies attempted to stop Baez, they said he crashed his automobile into a Sheriff’s Office vehicle.

However, the men’s lawyers contend that because they had not identified themselves as law enforcement, the guys were unaware that deputies were driving the approaching cars.

Since Orange-Osceola County State Attorney Andrew Bain instituted a new policy mandating that all officer-involved shootings be presented to a grand jury, this is the first ruling on an officer-involved shooting.

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It is anticipated that the grand jury will make remarks on the shooting and may even offer suggestions regarding what ought to have or ought not to have occurred during the event.

“We’re seeing too many things happen too many times in Osceola County. And we’re hoping that this grand jury as well as the federal grand jury puts an end to these horrific practices,” said Mark NeJame, victim’s attorney.

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