NYC Dancer, 25, Dies After Consuming Mislabeled Cookies from Stew Leonard’s Grocery Store

A 25-year-old dancer from the UK, Órla Baxendale, tragically died in New York City.

She moved to the city to pursue her dream job as a world-class dancer. Her family’s attorneys confirmed her identification in a statement.

Cause of Death Revealed

Órla Baxendale passed away on January 11 from anaphylactic shock caused by a severe allergic reaction.

The reaction was caused by a cookie she ate, made by Cookies United and sold by the supermarket chain Stew Leonard’s.

Surprisingly, the cookie contained peanuts, which were not mentioned in the ingredient list.

Professional dancer, 25, dead after eating mislabeled cookies from Stew Leonard’s grocery store:

Grief and Gratitude from the Family

Órla’s family expressed gratitude for the global outpouring of sympathy and tributes after her tragic passing.

They characterized her as a radiant and bold soul who relentlessly chased her aspirations, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the opportunity to know her.

Impact on the Dance Community

The news of Órla Baxendale’s passing was greatly felt by the global dance community. Her passion and talent had made her a popular member of the community.

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Manhattan, where she was an alumna, recognized her contributions to the world of dance.

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The Recall and Safety Concerns

Stew Leonard’s, the supermarket chain, has already issued a recall for Florentine Cookies, which were sold under its brand name.

The recall occurred after it was revealed that the cookies included peanuts, a critical allergy that was not specified on the product’s label.

It was later revealed that the cookies also contained eggs, which raised additional safety concerns for anyone who are allergic to these components.

This unfortunate tragedy serves as a reminder of the significance of proper food labeling and safety precautions to avoid similar tragic situations in the future

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