NYC to Introduce “Department of Sustainable Delivery”

New York City is making a big change by starting a new department called the Department of Sustainable Delivery.

This department is being set up because there are a lot more electric bikes, scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes being used to deliver things like food and packages in the city.

New York City is poised to create the first-of-its-kind agency to regulate the rising tide of commercial e-micro-mobility vehicles on city streets, from e-bikes and cargo bikes to delivery drones and mopeds.:

Mayor’s Plan for Safer Deliveries

Mayor Eric Adams announced this new department in his big city address. The main goal of the Department of Sustainable Delivery is to keep an eye on how companies use small electric vehicles for delivering items.

These vehicles help reduce traffic and pollution, but they come with challenges like safety for pedestrians and the risk of battery fires.

Mayor Adams’ Statement

Mayor Adams underlined the importance of finding a balance between adopting new modes of transportation and ensuring public safety.

He went on to say, “New Yorkers welcome the future of transit and mobility, but we cannot allow mopeds speeding down our sidewalks, delivery apps exploiting workers, or chaos on our streets.” He emphasized the changing dynamics of street use in the city and the need for the government to react to these changes.

Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi’s Perspective

Meera Joshi, Deputy Mayor for Operations, spoke with Bloomberg CityLab on the dual nature of this development. She highlighted the delivery industry’s good impact on economic growth and job creation.

She did, however, highlight the problems that come with this expansion, such as ensuring 24-hour access to services like food delivery while maintaining public safety and order.

Read some of the latest headlines below:

Why New York Needs This Department?

Currently, the city’s response to these issues is scattered across different departments. The new Department of Sustainable Delivery will centralize control, making it easier to handle everything related to electric delivery vehicles.

Future Goals

This new department is all about making electric vehicle deliveries in New York City safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly. It’s coming at a key time, as the city plans to start charging for driving in busy areas like Manhattan.

The Department of Sustainable Delivery will work to ensure that both the city’s businesses and residents can adapt to and benefit from these new delivery methods.

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