How Border Issues Could Impact President Biden’s Reelection Prospects?

Donald Trump’s mother is from a distant Scottish town, while his grandpa was from a Bavarian village in Germany.

Joe Biden’s forebears, on the other hand, may be traced back to Ireland and England, emphasizing Americans’ diverse histories and shared immigrant ancestry.

Trump’s “Border Chaos” Strategy in 2016 Election

In 2016, Trump used the concept of “border chaos” to obtain the Republican nomination and then win the presidency.

His campaign depicted an increase in illegal border crossings, despite facts that did not support this allegation at the time. However, the landscape has changed dramatically since then.

Trump's Border Chaos Strategy in 2016 Election
Trump’s Border Chaos Strategy in 2016 Election

250,000 Border Crossing Attempts in November

In November, approximately 250,000 attempts to breach the southern border were made, representing a significant rise in irregular border crossings.

The majority of people who arrive at the border request asylum and are eventually released into the United States, where they wait for their claims to be heard for extended periods of time.

Since President Biden’s inauguration, more over 3.1 million border crossers have been allowed, outnumbering the population of Chicago. In addition, an estimated 1.7 million immigrants entered the United States illegally or overstayed their visas.

Republican Governors’ Roles in the Border Situation

Republican governors have made attempts to convey migrants to Democratic-controlled regions, worsening border issues and pushing them northward.

This experience has contributed to Americans’ increased trust in Republicans on border security, giving the party a significant advantage on the topic.

Economic Factors Impacting Border Crossings

The increase in illegal border crossings cannot be traced completely to President Biden’s initiatives. Economic factors play a role, since tighter labor markets in the United States encourage illegal immigration.

This tendency persisted during Trump’s presidency until the COVID-19 epidemic halted it. When travel began in 2021, pent-up demand led to an increase in border crossings from nations other than Mexico and Central America, including Venezuela, Russia, India, and China.

Policy changes and their consequences

While President Biden inherited a complex immigration situation, his administration’s early strategy was to reverse several of Trump’s initiatives.

This included delaying construction on the border wall and terminating the “remain-in-Mexico” policy, both of which resulted in an expected rise in illegal immigration.

Biden’s Border Policy Changes

Since the 2022 midterms, President Biden has secretly implemented some of his predecessor’s policies.

These adjustments include repairing holes in the border wall and enforcing tighter procedures against asylum seekers who cross unnoticed. However, these attempts have not gotten much attention.

How Border Issues Could Impact President Biden's Reelection Prospects?
How Border Issues Could Impact President Biden’s Reelection Prospects?

Border Crisis and Ukraine Funding

President Biden has constraints in dealing with the border situation. The House of Representatives has paired a tough immigration law with funds for Ukraine’s war.

Although the administration opposes this linkage, it does provide an opportunity for negotiations.

These news will definitely catch your attention:

Both Parties Agree on Immigration Changes

Some Republican immigration proposals, such as strengthening the credible fear standard, are acceptable.

Similarly, Democrats’ requests for additional resources to process claims and eliminate court backlogs are reasonable. A prospective agreement exists, but both parties are suspicious of each other’s motives.

Election Nears: Will Immigration Deal Be Delayed?

With the 2024 election approaching, both parties may prioritize campaigning above achieving a bipartisan accord on immigration. This raises concerns about whether a resolution can be reached before the election.

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