Biden Administration Approves Urgent Weapon Sale to Israel Without Congress

The Biden administration has approved the sale of critical weaponry to Israel without first seeking approval from Congress.

Quick Approval: $147.5M Arms Sale to Israel

The U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, told Congress about approving a $147.5 million arms sale to Israel.

These items are needed for the shells Israel already bought to work properly. They didn’t go through the regular Congress review because they thought Israel urgently needed these weapons.

Supporting Israel’s Safety

The U.S. wants to make sure Israel can defend itself against any threats. This decision comes as Israel faces criticism from other countries for its actions in a conflict with Hamas.

Unusual Move: Bypassing Congress

It’s not common to Bypassing Congress for such important weapon deals.

President Biden asked Congress for a lot of money to help countries like Ukraine and Israel, but that’s been delayed because of arguments about immigration rules.

Some lawmakers want to link help to Israel with how they’re handling the conflict in Gaza.

The Biden administration once again bypasses Congress on an emergency weapons sale to Israel:

Human Rights Worries Addressed

The government says they’re talking a lot with Israel to make sure they try to avoid hurting civilians.

They know it’s hard because Hamas, the group Israel is fighting, mixes with regular people.

They’re telling Israel to be careful and follow international rules about protecting civilians.

Check out these headline, it’s a must-read:

Past Similar Situations

This kind of urgent arms sale without Congress has happened before, especially during big conflicts. In the past, it has caused debates and disagreements among lawmakers.

The Biden administration’s decision to quickly sell these weapons to Israel shows they think it’s urgent to help Israel defend itself.

But this move has sparked discussions about who should have the final say in these crucial decisions about military support.

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