NYC woman suspended from bank job for delaying DACA renewal

During the migrant crisis in New York, immigrant children known as dreamers are experiencing major delays in their pursuit of citizenship through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

These young people are currently in limbo, waiting for their DACA renewals to be approved.

Dani’s DACA Renewal Delayed for Months

Dani Villacis, one of these dreamers, has been waiting for more than four months (138 days) for her DACA renewal approval.

Dani, who has spent 90% of her life in the United States since her family sought political asylum from Colombia 23 years ago, has diligently renewed her DACA status every two years. However, this time, the procedure has been far from typical.

A woman has been waiting 138 days for her DACA renewal:

Impact on Work and Travel

Dani’s DACA renewal delay has had real-world effects, including her suspension from her AI marketing position at a bank. The situation left her unable to work or travel outside of her city or state.

The DACA program currently serves over 600,000 dreamers nationwide, many of whom are no longer children.

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As they navigate a thicket of bureaucratic red tape, dreamers like Dani are drawing attention to their predicament in the midst of a rise in migrants seeking work permits.

The path to citizenship remains unknown for many young people as they seek a better future in the United States.

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