Douglas County Approves Tax Relief Checks for Property Owners

Douglas County commissioners have taken a significant step by approving nearly $38 million in tax relief for property owners as part of the county’s 2024 budget.

This decision comes amidst unprecedented increases in property values across Colorado, especially in Douglas County, where median home prices skyrocketed by 47%.

Douglas County commissioners on Tuesday approved nearly $38 million in tax relief for property owners as they voted on the county’s 2024 budget:

Focus on Taxpayer Relief

The commissioners made a pivotal move by lowering the county’s mill levies, resulting in refund checks that will be sent out to property owners later this year.

Their primary aim was to prioritize providing relief to taxpayers, recognizing the challenges posed by substantial property value hikes.

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Residents’ Financial Well-being in Focus

Despite facing a potential influx of revenue due to increased property values, the commissioners opted to give back to the community.

Commissioner George Teal emphasized the importance of residents’ finances, stating, “It’s their money. We have decided that those additional funds are not going to be required to run the county.”

In light of earlier efforts to reduce property taxes, which faced rejection, Douglas County officials continue to explore legal options to aid residents in managing the impact of soaring property taxes.

Commissioner Lora Thomas reaffirmed their commitment to finding solutions to alleviate the burden on homeowners facing significant tax increases.

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