NYC Migrants Face Homeless Crisis After Shelters

Migrant adults in New York City are having a tough time finding a place to stay after their 30-day stay at city shelters ends. They’re sent to an old school in the East Village to apply for housing again. This makes them wait outside in the cold for hours.

On Monday, there was a long line at the St. Brigid School where migrants were waiting in freezing temperatures. Mark Miller, who’s from Russia, feels like he doesn’t have rights and is being treated poorly as a homeless immigrant.

The city is telling migrants who got eviction notices to go to St. Brigid School for temporary housing. They say this place will help migrants who got kicked out of shelters find new beds.

Migrant adults who still need a place to stay after their 30 days in New York City’s shelter system expire are now being sent to a former school in the East Village to reapply for housing, leading hundreds of people to wait hours in the cold:

But, there aren’t enough resources, so some migrants are given temporary cots or sent to crowded waiting rooms in the Bronx. Some have nowhere to sleep and end up on the streets or in parks while waiting for a place to stay.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

The situation for migrant adults in New York City is really hard after their time at shelters ends. Making them reapply at the old school in the East Village isn’t working well. Waiting in long lines in the cold is tough for them.

Mark Miller’s feelings show how tough it is to be an immigrant without a home. The city says they’re helping, but it seems like there aren’t enough resources.

Migrants are struggling to find beds and some end up with no place to sleep, which is very sad. This needs quick action from the authorities to help these migrants and treat them with respect.

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