Fire Engine Hit by Vehicle at Unsafe Speed on Route 41 Near Lake Forest

After a car hit a fire truck that was blocking the scene of a crash on Route 41 in Lake Forest, police are telling drivers to slow down and move over.

About 8:40 a.m. Sunday, the Lake Forest Fire Department and the Lake Forest Police Department were called to the area of Route 41 and Gage Lane for a car accident where people might have been hurt.

Authorities say that there were fire teams waiting at the scene and that Engine 421 was blocking the scene. The engine was set up so that it would protect the people involved in the crash and the first rescuers.

A Ford Mustang hit the engine while it was stopped in the southbound lanes with its emergency lights on. Officials from the fire department said the Ford was going too fast. It didn’t hurt anyone.

fire engine blocking the scene of a crash was struck by a vehicle on Route 41 in Lake Forest:

According to the fire department, drivers should “move over and slow down” when coming up behind a stopped car. This is called “Scott’s Law” in Illinois.

It is suggested that drivers switch directions if they can, always slow down, and be careful as they go. The fire department also said that drivers should be more careful about the weather now that winter is here.

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A driver hurt one person when they hit an Illinois State Police squad car that was responding to a crash on Interstate 94 in Lake County earlier last week. The accident happened on southbound I-94 near Deerfield Road in Deerfield.

When a 2014 Toyota Corolla refused to move over, the officer turned on their emergency lights and drove to the scene of the accident. State police say the Toyota hit the sidewalk wall on the left before hitting the cop car on the left side.

The officer wasn’t in the squad car when it crashed, so he or she wasn’t hurt. The Toyota passenger was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

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