Know Your Right: You Can Refuse to Show Receipt at Walmart

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are stopped for a receipt check while leaving a store like Walmart? You might want to know that you have the right to decline receipt checks. This article offers more information on this issue and highlights expert opinions.

What Legal Experts Have to Say on This?

Civil rights expert Michael Bryant, executive director and general counsel at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, explains to CBS that retail store employees cannot force customers to comply with a receipt check if they opt to refuse. He emphasizes that an individual’s privacy and liberty are protected by law – an essential aspect that many might not be aware of.

A recent report from CBC Canada affirmed Michael Bryant’s point, stating that retailers must have consent before checking receipts and bags. The same principle applies in the US, as confirmed by

In both countries, your right to refuse a receipt check is protected – except in membership-based stores like Costco, where a receipt check is part of the membership agreement.

What Security Experts Have to Say on This?

James Reese, a Toronto-based security consultant, points out that the key factor is evidence of theft. Retail stores and their security personnel are obligated to have proof or reasonable suspicion of shoplifting before they can pursue any legal action or involve the police.

Challenging Situations for Shoppers

Some customers claim that retail employees make the refusal almost impossible, or that they seem unaware of customers’ rights to say no. Paula Fletcher from Ontario and Penny Rintoul from Vaughan have voiced their frustration, sharing instances in which they felt obliged to present their receipts due to pressure or employees’ demands.

To address such issues, retail stores should ensure their staff are trained and well-informed about customers’ rights and policies concerning receipt checks.

Walmart Responds to Receipt Check Concerns

Walmart Canada recently explained their receipt-checking policy after being questioned on social media. They stated that employees check receipts to verify unbagged items or those resting at the bottom of a shopping cart have been scanned correctly, particularly as self-checkout machines become more common in their stores.

However, the retail giant did not clarify that customers have the right to refuse receipt checks. We contacted Walmart for additional comments but are still waiting for their response.

The Bottom Line: Choose What’s Best for You

Ultimately, understanding your rights as a customer is essential. By knowing the laws surrounding receipt checks in retail stores, you can make an informed decision whether to accept or refuse a receipt check whenever you shop in the future.

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