Door County Candle Company Launches Program to Boost Aid for Ukraine War Victims

In a heartwarming gesture, Door County Candle Company extended support to Ukrainian soldiers in 2023 by sending special candles.

These candles, called ‘Ukraine candles’, were not just about light; they held significant meaning and purpose.

A Symbol of Gratitude from Overseas

A Ukrainian soldier expressed immense gratitude for a tin candle sent by the company from Northeast Wisconsin.

The soldier, in a touching Facebook video, described the candle as ‘invaluable’, emphasizing its importance in their bunkers for both light and reducing unpleasant odors.

Door County Candle Company grows donations for Ukraine war victims with new program:

Fundraising Efforts and Community Involvement

Door County Candle Company’s initiative extended beyond candle-making. They dedicated all profits from the ‘Ukraine candles’ to Razom for Ukraine, a nonprofit aiding relief efforts.

Additionally, for every candle sold, another tin candle was sent to soldiers or families overseas.

Moreover, the company launched a virtual philanthropy program involving nearly twenty groups, aiming to empower diverse communities to fundraise for causes, regardless of their location.

Big Dreams for Positive Impact

Looking ahead to 2024, Christiana Trapani, the company owner, dreams big, aspiring to raise over $10 million for various nonprofits.

She believes that the company’s impact goes far beyond creating candles; it’s about making a difference in communities, both locally and globally.

Find some of the latest headlines below:

Empowering Change, One Candle at a Time

Trapani emphasizes that their candles are not just about illumination. They symbolize hope, support, and a means to create tangible change.

The company’s mission transcends wax and wick, aiming to create a positive impact in the lives of many, near and far.

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