Las Cruces Bishop’s Encouraging Visit to Otero County Prison and Processing Center

Las Cruces Bishop Peter Baldacchino paid a special visit to two places in Otero County on Christmas Day: the Otero County Prison Facility and the Otero County Processing Center.

He was joined by Deacon John Eric Munson and two sisters from the Dominican Sisters Ministry, aiming to spread hope and support.

Las Cruces bishop visits Otero County prison, processing center:

Encouragement at Otero County Prison

At the prison, the bishop led two Masses and shared words of hope. He reminded everyone there that they’re part of the community and prayed for them in churches.

He hoped their time in prison would help them become stronger and better when they return to society, with a renewed connection to God.

First-time Visit to the Processing Center

Next, the bishop went to the Processing Center, which was his first visit there.

He blessed the place, met the people living there, and wished to help them rediscover their faith.

He encouraged them to keep their connection with God strong even after leaving the center.

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Warm Reception and Shared Message

The residents welcomed the bishop warmly, and some were moved to tears, as mentioned in a news release about the visit.

Though the people in both places had different situations, the bishop’s message was the same for everyone, to stay strong in faith, keep hope alive, and pray for each other for strength and guidance.

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