2 Adults, 1 Child Displaced by Early Morning Fire in Hall County

A Christmas morning in Hall County turned frightening for a family when a fire broke out, forcing two adults and a kid to leave their home on Lamplighter Cove Road.

The incident prompted a swift response from firefighters and rescue teams.

An early morning fire on Christmas displaced three people from their home in Hall County:

Firefighters Rushed

At around 2 a.m., firefighters rushed to the scene to find the house fully engulfed in flames. Using hoses and aerial techniques, they battled the fire, managing to control it without any reported injuries.

Thankfully, everyone had already evacuated the house before the firefighters arrived, ensuring their safety.

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Red Cross Helps Family After Fire Damage

Due to the extensive damage caused by the fire, the American Red Cross was contacted to assist the displaced family.

Meanwhile, the Hall County Fire Marshal’s Office has commenced an investigation to determine what sparked the fire, aiming to uncover the reasons behind this distressing Christmas morning incident that forced a family out of their home in Hall County.

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