Lake County Clerk’s Office Launches ‘Santa Loves Seniors’ Gift Program

The Lake County Clerk’s Office was delighted to take part in Bay and Lake Pharmacy’s “Santa Loves Seniors” program this Christmas, once more bringing happiness and holiday pleasure to others.

The gift contribution program collaborates with LovExtension, a volunteer group that provides underprivileged senior and disabled populations in Lake County and The Villages with assistance.

LovExtension collaborated with the people they assist to determine what was missing from their Christmas “wish lists.”

Lake County Clerk’s Office spreads cheer through ‘Santa Loves Seniors’ gift program:

Gifts on the list were collected by clerk’s office staff, who then put together gift bags with clothes, kitchenware, and beds.

In an effort to give LovExtension more assistance, the office also had a baking sale, which brought in a $1,100 cash donation.

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The founder of LovExtension, Linda Krupski, arrived at the Clerk’s Office to present the things with other members of the group.

“Supporting Linda, who is also a former deputy clerk, and her honorable mission for our community is something we greatly enjoy,” stated Gary Cooney, the comptroller and clerk. “It is always heartwarming to see the generous amount of thought and care taken by our clerk family to ensure that someone’s Christmas will be a bit brighter.”

Volunteers from LovExtension Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, help locals live better lives by delivering donated goods and supplies to those in need as well as making social and well-being visits to individuals who do not receive much support.

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