Guidelines for a Safe Holiday Season by Lake County Health Services

Dr. Noemi Doohan and the Lake County Health Services team have put together essential guidelines for a healthy holiday season amidst rising winter respiratory infections.

It’s fun to decorate and cook for the holidays, but it also increases your risk of a home fire. Follow these tips to keep your family and home safe this holiday season!

Understanding the Risks

With the overlap of the winter holidays and the Respiratory Virus Season, infections like RSV, influenza, and COVID-19 are on the rise. These viruses can cause lung, respiratory, and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms.

Monitoring Infection Rates

Daily COVID-19 case rates are no longer reported, but data is collected differently now, using population-level wastewater monitoring and CDC county-level tracking.

While the pandemic is ending, COVID-19 illnesses still pose a concern, though vaccines and medicines are effective.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Preparing for the Season Ahead

The Respiratory Virus Season is expected to persist until 2024. Vaccines for COVID-19 and flu can reduce severe illness risks, and there’s an RSV vaccine for eligible individuals.

Effective medications are available for those infected with COVID-19 or flu.

Follow these simple steps to protect yourself and your friends from respiratory viruses this holiday season:

Accessible Resources for Health

The California COVID-19 Test to Treat Program offers resources for those seeking information or treatment for COVID-19.

To minimize severe illness and spread, the public is advised to stay home if feeling unwell, practice regular handwashing, wear masks indoors if unable to isolate, and opt for outdoor or well-ventilated indoor gatherings.

Continued Efforts for Public Health

The Lake County Health Services team encourages everyone to persist in their efforts to curb the spread of seasonal infections and protect community health.

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