Lake Country Charity’s Campaign to Help This Holiday Season

A charity in Lake Country has noticed more people struggling to manage their expenses. They’re now taking suggestions to offer extra support this holiday season.

Lake Country Health (LCH) has launched a program where they want to find families and seniors who might find it tough to enjoy Christmas due to challenges they’re facing.

According to Lonna Grange, the head of LCH, many folks are feeling the pinch due to higher prices for things like food, gas, and housing. This is hitting low-income families and seniors particularly hard, making it tough for them to make ends meet.

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They’re asking the community to help identify families or seniors who are dealing with difficulties, health issues, or feeling lonely during the holidays. It’s important to talk to them first and make sure they’re okay with being nominated.

People can fill out a form to nominate someone, and a team of volunteers or LCH staff will go through the nominations. They’ll figure out the best way to support each person, whether it’s arranging a special Christmas meal, giving gifts, or simply spending time with them during the holidays.

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