Lake County Residents Rally Against Proposal for Hundreds of New Homes

In Lake County, a proposal for hundreds of new homes and development has sparked a community divide.

Residents worry that the fast-paced growth might overwhelm the area, particularly impacting Lady Lake.

Location of the Proposed Homes

The proposed homes would cover nearly 400 acres along Marion County Road in the Weirsdale area. Some locals fear this development could dramatically transform their rural community into something resembling a city.

Infrastructure and Community Concerns

Residents voice worries about the lack of preparedness in infrastructure. They emphasize the need for proper infrastructure before such large-scale developments are considered.

Concerns focus on resources strained by existing communities, let alone with an influx of potentially thousands more.

Some Lake County residents are trying to fight a proposal that would bring hundreds of new homes and other development to the area:

Plans for Development

The proposed development would integrate within the existing Grand Oaks Equestrian Resort.

It could involve constructing up to 800 homes, including manufactured homes, while aiming to maintain the property’s character.

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Clashing Perspectives

While developers highlight the preservation of the landscape, community organizers stress the unpreparedness of local infrastructure for the influx.

Developers claim their aim is to create an affordable housing option for working-age groups.

Next Steps

As of now, no official application for development has been received by the Town of Lady Lake.

However, developers plan to submit an application by January. The process involves public discussions and workshops before any finalization.

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