Mayor Jenny Wilson Announces Run for Another Term in Salt Lake County

Jenny Wilson, the current mayor of Salt Lake County, is seeking reelection to another term.

Wilson stated in a two-minute video that was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, “I love Salt Lake County.” “I’ve seen where we’ve come from, and I have a vision for the future that’s ahead.”

Wilson highlighted the new parks and trails she has created, the quantity of affordable housing she has increased, the water and air quality she has invested in, and the free recreation permits she gives to children.

“As we continue to grow, we’ll be met with exciting opportunities but also critical challenges,” she said. “We’ll work to build upon who we are while not sacrificing what we’ve got. The future is ours to build, and by continuing to work together, we’ll preserve what makes Salt Lake County special for generations to come.”

Wilson stated in a press release declaring her candidacy that although the 1.2 million-person county has seen significant changes and “transformational investment,” more work has to be done, particularly in getting ready for the 2034 Winter Games.

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson is running for another term:

When Democratic former mayor Ben McAdams left the position to serve in Congress in 2019, Democrat Wilson assumed the top elected position in the county. 2020 saw her win a full four-year term in elections.

Wilson held a position on the County Council prior to becoming mayor. She was elected as the first female member of the legislature in 2005.

She competed unsuccessfully against Mitt Romney for the U.S. Senate seat in 2018 after losing her bid to become mayor of Salt Lake City in 2007.

Check out some of the latest Salt Lake County news:

She has been an outspoken opponent of plans to construct a gondola across Little Cottonwood Canyon, advocating instead for improved bus service to handle the busy canyon.

Her campaign video, which included an image of an anti-gondola sign, suggests that she is against the contentious project.

Wilson, a native of Salt Lake County, attended the University of Utah after graduating from East High School in Salt Lake City. She graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School with a master’s degree in public administration.

Ted Wilson, a former mayor of Salt Lake City, is her father.

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