Salt Lake County Council Defers Locker Room Gender Ordinance Decision

Seven out of eleven people on the Salt Lake County Council decided to send the locker room gender ordinance to the state legislature.

Councilwoman Dea Theodore, who first brought up the draft ordinance, agreed with Tuesday’s move to “table the issue.”

The policy was made after a woman said she saw real guys in a Salt Lake County Recreation Center locker room. This caused concerns that led to the ordinance’s writing.

The Salt Lake County Council voted 7-1 to defer the locker room gender ordinance to the state legislature:

The new ordinance set rules for how “multiple occupancy” locker rooms and bathrooms should be used. In some cases, workers at a recreation center can ask for ID or a birth certificate to find out a person’s gender.

There would be no discrimination based on s*xual orientation or gender identity under the proposed ordinance.

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However, the county would be able to set “reasonable rules and policies that designate s*x specific facilities, including restrooms, shower facilities, and dressing facilities,” as required by state and federal law.

People in the county had different thoughts on the issue. Some people talked about privacy concerns and stressed how important it was to keep s*x-specific spaces safe, while others thought the problem was complicated and hard to put into a single category.

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