One Injured, Driver Ticketed for Crashing Into Squad Car on I-94 in Lake County

Tuesday morning, a driver struck an Illinois State Police squad car that was responding to a collision on Interstate 94 in Lake County, injuring one person.

At the intersection of Deerfield Road and Southbound Interstate 94 in Deerfield, an Illinois State Police (ISP) Troop 15 trooper was parked in the left lane.

At 4:11 a.m. on Tuesday, the trooper was at the scene of a traffic crash, and ISP officials said that their vehicle’s emergency lights were on. A 2014 Toyota Corolla refused to yield when driving south on Interstate 94.

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According to police, the Toyota first impacted the left concrete median wall and then the left side of the squad car. At the time of the collision, the trooper was unharmed outside the squad car.

Joseph W. Allietta, a 44-year-old Niles resident operating the Toyota, was likewise unharmed. According to ISP officials, the Toyota passenger was sent to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Allietta received tickets for failing to slow down to avoid a collision and for improperly passing a stationary emergency vehicle, generally known as a Scott’s Law infraction.

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The ISP says they have had 19 Move Over Law-related crashes so far this year. In 2022, the organization had 23 Move Over Law-related collisions where eight troopers incurred injuries.

The Move Over Law, commonly referred to as Scott’s Law, is being reminded of, according to the state police. Drivers must slow down and move over when approaching an emergency vehicle or any vehicle with their emergency or danger lights activated.

For a first offence, a person who breaches Scott’s Law faces a punishment of at least $250 and up to $10,000. The offender’s driver’s license will be suspended for a mandatory period of six months to two years if the infraction causes harm to another person.

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