One Dead, Several Injured After Car Flips Over During Police Pursuit in Buena Park

After a horrific two-vehicle rollover incident in Buena Park that injured numerous more, a police chaser driver passed away. The collision on La Palma and Knott avenues occurred on Monday at approximately 11:40 p.m., leaving a field of wreckage in its wake.

Authorities claim that after initiating a brief pursuit along Beach Boulevard and La Palma Avenue, the driver of a suspected stolen black Mercedes led police officers on the run. Before crashing into a white Mercedes outside a car wash, the suspect was only driving for around half a mile.

Buena Park Police Department shared a post on Facebook:

The white Mercedes’ engine was torn out by the force of the collision, causing it to be about thirty yards from the remainder of the vehicle. The four people inside the car—two adults and two kids—were all sent to the hospital.

At the site, the chase vehicle’s 24-year-old driver passed away. That vehicle’s passenger was also transported to the hospital. The black Mercedes was able to spot another victim—an innocent bystander riding a bicycle. With injuries, that person was brought to the hospital.

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We don’t know the state of those in the hospital. Nobody among the cops was hurt. The car wash employees believe that thousands of dollars are lost in sales and damage during this time of year, which is normally bustling before the holidays.

According to Jeremy Clifton of Wildwater Express Car Wash, “Signage and landscaping is probably upwards of $5-10,000, plus the loss of the day with the customers.”

Locals claim that the crossroads is frequently rather busy. “I’ve been here for 35 years in Buena Park … very seldom is there any kind of a traffic accident like this,” stated Rick Loya. The probe won’t be over until the car wash is closed.

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