Alameda County Firefighters Launch Annual Holiday Toy Drive

The annual holiday toy drive that is organized by the Alameda County Firefighters is currently in full swing.

As of right now, they have organized a number of events and have amassed approximately 5,000 toys, according to Markus Powell, who is the fire engineer and the program head.

“We want to gather toys from within our community and make sure they get back out to our community,” stated the representative. “Whatever you bring into our stations, we make sure that they go to different nonprofits that distribute them right back into the community.”

The Alameda County Firefighters annual holiday toy drive is in full swing:

For over ten years, he has been actively participating in the toy drive.

“It only takes one thing to make a difference,” according to him.

The fact that he is on the providing side is extremely appealing to him because he is familiar with what it is like to be on the receiving side.

“To be able to take those toys, give them to a small nonprofit and you see a line down the road of people. Honestly, I remember that because, when I was young, I was actually in one of those lines,” he said. “We used to go the Salvation Army in Stockton and we’d get toys from there.”

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Although he is proud to serve the community, he has been able to make a difference in the world by sharing his enthusiasm for his profession with the people he serves.

“It’s unbelievable. Unbelievable. It’s like superpowers, honestly,” Powell said. “It just takes one toy – one interaction – it can change a kid’s life.”

According to Powell, they will continue to accept donations of toys until the end of the year.

“New, unwrapped toys are the best. But, honestly, the biggest thing – think of what a high school kid would need,” he said. “I feel like sometimes they get missed because a lot of toys that come in are for young kids.”

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