Huron County Deputies Bring Cheer with Holiday Cards

To brighten the holiday season for people or families who have had a substantial setback during the course of the previous year, the Huron County Sheriff’s Office has begun to distribute special Christmas cards as part of its yearly program.

Deputy sheriff Kelly Hanson stated in an email to the Tribune that on Thursday, deputies started delivering cards to recipients that contained, with a few exceptions, a $100 dollar.

He went on to say that the kindness of contributors who remain nameless is responsible for the distribution of a total of $12,100.

Hanson stated in the email, “Another successful year indeed at this effort,” referring to the overall operation. “A couple of wholehearted ‘thank yous’ have already been received.”

In addition, Hanson mentioned that the majority of the funds have already been allocated for a specific recipient, and it is highly probable that the distribution will take place till New Year’s Day.

The sheriff’s office has received money from anonymous contributors for the tenth year in a straight in the form of cash gifts or gift cards, often in the amount of one hundred dollars, to be distributed to individuals or families that have had a significant financial setback over the course of the previous year.

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According to Hanson, some instances of these difficulties include the death of a loved one, the onset of a major disease, the responsibility of raising grandchildren by grandparents, or the loss of employment due to the closure of a business.

Additionally, according to Hanson’s prior statement to the Tribune, the sheriff’s office would make a contribution to a couple of non-profit groups that are dedicated to providing services to persons who are homeless or otherwise temporarily displaced.

They approached him and asked that the sheriff’s office use its discretion to distribute cash or gift cards to those who may have had a difficult year.

He stated that the concept for the holiday giving originated when concerned residents of Huron County approached him and asked that the sheriff’s office use its discretion to do so.

The selection of recipients is carried out with the assistance of local law enforcement authorities, religious leaders, municipal and school administrators, and other groups. In most years, the total amount of donations has been approximately $5,000 on average.

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