Webster County Jail Escape: Inmate Escapes, Police Launch Search

According to the police, an inmate from the Webster County Detention Center has left the facility with another inmate. The inmate is currently at large.

At approximately 6:30 in the morning on Sunday, it was reported that Jodie Crowley and Tony Elders were missing from the jail.

After approximately two hours, an officer who was not on duty saw Elders traveling along Kentucky Route 132 West in the Dixon neighborhood.

Elders was taken back into custody by a sergeant who arrived at the scene immediately, according to the sheriff’s office where the incident occurred.

It has been reported by the police that Jodie Crowley is still at large and has not been apprehended by the authorities.

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Due to the fact that both of the suspects are state inmates, the Kentucky State Police are assisting in the investigation of the escape, as stated by the deputies.

You are urged to contact Webster County Central Dispatch at 270-639-5012 or the Kentucky State Police at 270-676-3313 as soon as possible if you come across anyone who fits the description of Crowley.

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