Deer’s Memorable Visit to a New Jersey Elementary School

One special night, called Black Friday, something surprising happened at Cedar Grove Elementary School. A deer crashed through a window and made things funny.

When it Happened?

Around 10 pm on November 24, a man walking his dog saw the deer entering the school. He immediately called the police and told them what was happening.

The Police Chase

The police rushed to the school and found the deer inside. But catching it was really hard. The deer ran all over the place, even going into a classroom.

The police recorded everything that happened. They called the deer “Rudolph.” In the video, Rudolph jumped onto a shelf and made a mess in the classroom. The police tried to catch it but couldn’t.

Watch as a deer leads police on a chase through an elementary school in Toms River, New Jersey:

Rudolph’s Exit

Finally, the police helped Rudolph find its way out through a back door. Amazingly, the deer wasn’t hurt at all! The police made sure Rudolph didn’t get seriously injured during its adventure.

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The Funny Ending

In the video, Rudolph ran away from the school. The police joked that it might be going “maybe toward the North Pole.” It was a funny event during the holiday time, showing that even police have surprises with animals.

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