Court Upholds $11 Million Verdict Against San Bernardino County

The court has affirmed an $11 million judgment against the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The complaint stems from a traffic collision in 2018 that left a San Bernardino resident with a serious spinal injury.

The Incident Details

On April 24, 2018, Deputy Michael Andrade, driving a county-owned vehicle, made a left turn in San Bernardino, colliding with Florencio Munguia’s car at the intersection of Pacific Street and Conejo Drive.

Munguia, a 65-year-old welder, was in the car with his wife, adult daughter, and 4-year-old grandson. The responding California Highway Patrol officer noted possible injuries to the adults.

Court upholds $11 million judgment against San Bernardino County:

Legal Proceedings and Jury Decision

The Sheriff’s Department settled out of court for the injuries to Munguia’s wife and daughter.

However, Munguia’s attorney, Daniel Kramer, shared that the department suggested Munguia had pre-existing injuries before the crash.

In August, a jury sided with Munguia, holding the Sheriff’s Department responsible for significant spinal injuries.

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$11 Million Verdict Affirmed by Judge Ochoa

On January 10, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Gilbert Ochoa issued a tentative ruling denying the county’s motion for a new trial, affirming the $11 million award.

Kramer stated that this ruling marks a “significant triumph for justice,” sending a clear message that no entity is above the law.

Court Upholds $11 Million Verdict Against San Bernardino County
Court Upholds $11 Million Verdict Against San Bernardino County

County’s Response and Future Considerations

Regarding the county’s response, spokesperson David Wert mentioned, “The county will consider its options.” The county is yet to disclose any further details on their course of action.

This legal decision not only holds the Sheriff’s Department accountable but also emphasizes the importance of fairness and justice in our legal system.

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