Governor’s Appointment: Tim McCourt Transitions from Counsel to Lake County Judge

Tim McCourt, a lawyer at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, has been given a big honor just before Christmas. He’s been made a judge by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Taking Over from Retired Judge Larry Metz

McCourt is stepping into the shoes of Circuit Judge Larry Metz, who retired earlier this year. This makes McCourt the second judge picked by the governor from Ocala in recent months.

Tim McCourt’s Background

Before this, McCourt was a deputy sheriff and worked as a prosecutor for the 5th Judicial Circuit.

He studied at Florida State for his bachelor’s degree and then went to the University of Florida for law school.

He’s grateful for the appointment and is leaving behind a great team he’s worked with for four years.

Apart from his role as the general counsel for the MCSO, McCourt has been a legal advisor for various police departments in Ocala, Belleview, and Dunnellon when needed.

McCourt was one of six people considered for the judge position. He’s set to begin his new job in Lake County on January 3rd, where he’ll be serving the counties of Lake, Marion, Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter.

Interestingly, McCourt isn’t the first person to become a judge while working as general counsel for the sheriff’s office. Back in 2018, another counsel, Gregg Jerald, was chosen as a judge too.

These news are making headlines:

Praise and Support for McCourt

Sheriff Billy Woods: He’s immensely proud of McCourt and believes he’ll do great in his new role.

5th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Mike Graves: He thinks highly of McCourt, describing him as professional, respected, and a valuable addition to the judiciary.

Administrative Judge Lisa Herndon: She’s very pleased with McCourt’s appointment, praising his ethical and talented nature.

State Attorney Bill Gladson: He’s excited for McCourt, confident that he’s well-suited for the job and will be a valuable asset to the bench.

Bill Gladson and Tim McCourt had worked together for a while at the State Attorney’s Office. McCourt had continued to be helpful even after moving to the sheriff’s office.

McCourt’s Impact

His colleagues from different sectors of the legal system believe McCourt will make an outstanding judge due to his professionalism, respect, and commitment to justice.

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