Washington County Opens Two Emergency Winter Shelters

Washington County is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of its residents as the Pacific Northwest braces for an upcoming snow and ice storm.

Two emergency shelters will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide shelter during the severe weather.

  • Salvation Army Building in Hillsboro: Located at 1440 S.E. 21st Ave., Hillsboro.
  • Beaverton Community Center: Situated at 12350 S.W. 5th St., Beaverton.

These shelters are not just for individuals, they’re welcoming pets too. The organizers understand the importance of removing barriers for people seeking shelter, providing crates, leashes, and pet food on-site.

Washington County will have two winter weather shelters open through Tuesday during the expected snow and ice storm:

Shelters Open to All, with Hot Meals

Emily Roots, Washington County’s housing communications coordinator, highlights the shelters’ inclusive aspect.

No one will be turned away, and hot meals will be served to ensure that everyone is cared for during this difficult conditions.

A Lifesaving Service and Community Support

Sampson Johnson, one of those seeking shelter, emphasizes the need of being warm, especially in cold weather.

Washington County declared a state of emergency, resulting in the opening of not only these two shelters, but also an overflow shelter, both of which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Emergency Support at Salvation Army Shelter: Volunteers are hard at work, stacking snacks and essentials.
  • Resources for Those in Need: Project Homeless Connect and Just Compassion staff will offer various resources, including basic necessities, hot meals, a place to sleep, and items for staying warm.
Washington County Opens Two Emergency Winter Shelters
Washington County Opens Two Emergency Winter Shelters

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Sampson’s Message for Tough Times

Sampson Johnson shares a piece of advice for others facing difficult times. He acknowledges the small efforts made by the community, offering support and essential items, as crucial for keeping him going.

As the snowstorm approaches, Washington County’s emergency shelters stand ready to provide not just a physical refuge but also a sense of community support during these challenging weather conditions.

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