Winter Storm Preparation: Essential Tips for Lake County Residents

As winter approaches, it is critical for Lake County citizens to be prepared.

Emergency Warming Centers, such as the one in Hawthorn Mall, have been established to give shelter and warmth during normal operating hours.

Residents are encouraged to call ahead to confirm space availability, to ensure those in need have a safe place to stay.

Winter Storm Preparation Essential Tips for Lake County Residents
Winter Storm Preparation Essential Tips for Lake County Residents

Snow Clearance and Safety Measures

When snow reaches at least 2 inches, it’s crucial for residents to keep vehicles and garbage bins off the streets. This helps snowplows clear roads effectively.

Cars left on the streets may be ticketed, so it’s essential to follow this guideline. Detailed information about this rule can be found on the VHPD’s Overnight Parking Permit webpage.

Furthermore, when shoveling snow, directing it to the right side of driveways can reduce the amount of snow pushed back by plows. Avoiding throwing snow onto the streets helps prevent slippery conditions and hazards.

Community Support Initiatives

Beyond individual preparedness, community assistance is critical during harsh weather.

Residents are advised to check on their neighbors, particularly those who are having difficulty with snow removal or negotiating ice pathways.

Clearing fire hydrants not only helps emergency responders but also gets individuals participating certificates of appreciation from Countryside Fire.

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Accessible Resources for Residents

Lake County citizens have access to essential assistance during storms and other times of need.

Support and information are available from the Village’s Health & Human Services homepage and the 211 Lake County website.

The Vernon Hills Police Department offers Vacation House Watch to residents who are away from home.

These comprehensive policies and resources seek to provide crucial guidance and assistance to Lake County citizens, building a safer and more resilient community in the face of tough winter weather.

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