Schools In Escambia And Santa Rosa Counties Closed Due To Severe Weather Threat

Schools in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties will be closed on Tuesday due to the imminent severe weather expected for the area. This preventive practice is done in response to the National Weather Service’s warning of anticipated high winds, heavy rainfall, and tornadoes.

Because the storm is likely to pass across the area in the early to mid-morning hours of Tuesday, the districts have opted to be cautious.

Monday’s School Clubs And Sports: Called Off

Both counties have also canceled all extracurricular events scheduled for Monday afternoon and evening, underlining their commitment to safety. This includes all sports as well as the regularly scheduled District 1 Town Hall meeting.

Community Schools/Latchkey programs, on the other hand, will remain open until 6 p.m. on Monday, according to Santa Rosa County District Schools.

Schools Expected To Reopen on Wednesday

Santa Rosa County Schools Superintendent Keith Leonard expressed hope about returning to normal district operations by Wednesday, January 10.

He indicated that the decision to resume operations would be taken in close conjunction with local emergency operations officials, with the safety of families and personnel being prioritized.

Both districts are closely monitoring the weather and promise to keep the community updated. Local media, school messengers, social media, and district websites will all be used to distribute updates.

To summarize, the districts are taking proactive measures to protect their communities from the forecasted severe weather. During this time, they advise people in the community to keep aware and prepared.

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