Urgent Warning: Code Blue Alert Activated in Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County has activated a Code Blue alert in response to an impending drop in temperatures to 15°F or below, including wind chill, for an extended duration within the next 24 hours.

The alert comes ahead of an anticipated severe winter storm scheduled to hit the area Tuesday evening.

With temperatures expected to plummet, a CODE BLUE ALERT has been issued for Salt Lake County to help those who may not have a home or shelter for the coming storm:

Rapid Shelter Expansion

Under the directive of the Salt Lake City Council, emergency shelters are swiftly increasing their capacity by 35% to accommodate individuals seeking refuge from the severe cold.

Operational Emergency Shelters

For those in need of shelter, the West Valley Overflow and Valley Behavioral Health facilities are open tonight.

These shelters cater to various demographics, including men, couples, and families, offering safe accommodations during the harsh weather.

Support Services and Transportation

Transportation services from specific centers to these shelters are available for individuals requiring assistance.

Community members are encouraged to utilize resources such as the Homeless Resource Center or contact 801-990-9999 for shelter information and support.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Weather Warnings and Safety Precautions

Meteorologists from KSL are cautioning residents about challenging weather conditions, particularly in the evening.

Snow showers and cold fronts are expected, potentially impacting commuting conditions and visibility. The National Weather Service advises caution and warns of possible snow squalls leading to slippery surfaces.

Stay Updated and Stay Safe

Residents are advised to stay informed through official channels for the latest updates. Be prepared for potential emergency alerts, like squall warnings, which might be issued via cell phones to alert about hazardous weather conditions.

As Salt Lake County prepares for severe weather conditions, taking necessary precautions, seeking shelter if required, and staying vigilant are crucial during this Code Blue alert period.

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