Carbon Monoxide Crisis: 22 Cases Hospitalized in Sevier County Incident

On Sunday, 22 people were transported to the hospital in Monroe City after being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Due to this exposure, they required urgent medical attention and were swiftly transported to the hospital for immediate care and treatment.

Twenty-two people were transported to the hospital in Monroe City for carbon monoxide poisoning on Sunday:

Multiple Medical Calls at Local Church

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office responded to distress calls at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Monroe East chapel.

Initially, a 4-year-old girl had breathing problems that were thought to be caused by a previous sickness. Another man, who was feeling ill and suspected of having low blood sugar, sought medical assistance on his own.

Carbon Monoxide Presence Triggers Urgent Action

The Monroe City Fire Department examined the building after receiving reports of a family experiencing headaches after returning from church and detected excessive carbon monoxide levels, prompting an emergency evacuation.

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Specialized Care and Ambulance Transports

Later in the day, more people sought medical attention at Sevier Valley Hospital.

Because of the severity of the carbon monoxide poisoning, 22 patients required specialized care, including ten ambulance transports to hospitals with hyperbaric chambers.

Multiple emergency response teams, as well as other aiding agencies, worked together to ensure that everyone received the appropriate care.

The coordinated reaction included multiple agencies and medical facilities, with the final transfer taking place the next morning. The reason of the carbon monoxide exposure is still being investigated.

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