Suspect in Indiana Kidnapping Extradited to Wells County

Zackary Delozier, a 27-year-old from Edgemont, South Dakota, and one of three suspects charged in the kidnapping of an 11-year-old child from Zanesville, has been extradited to Wells County in a significant step.

Delozier, along with Rapid City, South Dakota residents Isaiah Schryvers (24) and Sara Gaudino (23), faces kidnapping charges.

11-Year-Old Rescued, Kidnapping Suspects Caught

On December 30, the Wells County Sheriff’s Department received a distress call from a woman. The woman reported her 11-year-old daughter’s kidnapping.

Prompt action, supported by witnesses and cellphone tracking, led police to a Wisconsin gas station, where the three suspects were discovered with the missing girl.

The cops were able to safely save the child, and the suspects were later arrested and charged with kidnapping.

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Extradition Details

Officials verified Zackary Delozier’s successful extradition to Wells County on Friday.

The legal process to extradite Sara Gaudino and Isaiah Schryvers to face charges in the kidnapping case is also underway.

The community is waiting for more information as the judicial system works to hold the accused accountable for their alleged conduct.

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